Good housekeeping?

Normal service is about to be resumed – ranty woman is back! I recently upgraded our bank account and one of the benefits was a free subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine.  Clothing etc is way out of my price league (and would I really pay £225 for a shirt?) but a girl can dream can’t … More Good housekeeping?

Not going out…

Whoops – it has been a bit of a long time again hasn’t it?  Don’t think I am very good at this.  Basically, like so many other people, we have been busy surviving and trying not to let life get on top of us but typically sometimes it does.  However, we survive but this year … More Not going out…

Tell me why I like Mondays (with apologies to the Boomtown Rats).

Well after a very long gap I am back.  In future posts I will discuss some of the things that have been going on in our lives but as this is my first post back, I thought it ought to be a positive one so here goes. I know the Boomtown Rats didn’t like Mondays, … More Tell me why I like Mondays (with apologies to the Boomtown Rats).

I’m sort of back!

Sorry -I’ve done it again.  Gone a bit sort of awol I mean.  Sorry for the huge gap since the last post but life rather got in the way. This probably won’t be the world’s longest blog post either but hopefully I will start at some point to get back into the swing of things. … More I’m sort of back!

Charity begins…

Some of you will be aware that recently I have got a wee bit worked up about the Macmillan strapline ‘cancer is the hardest thing you will have to deal with’ (my view being that thanks to the sterling work done by various charities many people are cured of cancer but there are many conditions … More Charity begins…

What now?

Can’t believe another month has gone by – what have I done with myself! Most of it has been taken up with trying to move the adaptations to the house forward so that the husband can move downstairs but it has been a case of one step forward and any number that you care to … More What now?


I can’t believe how long it is since I wrote anything.  Sorry.  The reason is that I have been struggling a bit.  Well sometimes it was quite a lot.  I suppose the reality of life is starting to kick in a bit.  And that means that sometimes I get a bit anxious.  I find myself … More Labyrinth